Positive Reinforcement Leads To Positive Relationships

Positive reinforcement training completely changes the mindset of the trainer.  From someone who trained using traditional methods of corrections for years, going to a method of ignoring problem behavior and rewarding good behavior was challenging to say the least.  However, I quickly realized that while I had always loved training I was much happier and less stressed while using positive reinforcement.  I was watching the dog and trying to catch them doing something RIGHT rather than waiting to catch them in the act of doing something wrong!  I was throwing mini parties when my dog succeeded and she was partying right along with me!  We were working together in ways we never had before and I started thinking, “This is how I want my relationship to be with every dog I help.”  Thus began my journey into positive training methods.

Six years later I’m still thrilled with how effective positive reinforcement training is…and so are my clients.  My business has grown substantially and I have been honored to enjoy the opportunity to help so many people and dogs.  Whether saving a dog from potential euthanasia for aggression or teaching a rambunctious puppy to sit to say “please”, everyday I get to train a dog and teach another owner is a great day!

Thank you for your interest in positive training methods and Helping Hounds Training.  I hope you enjoy what you read and that you learn something new.

Happy Training!

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