Remember To Remember…Every Once In A While

I had an amusing reminder today of how very far my Andre has come from the shy, fearful boy he was when he first came into our lives. Today, after getting home from working with clients, I was with him in the backyard, running and playing. He decided after several minutes that he was done and ready to go back in so he ran back toward the house. He turned back to watch and wait for me to catch up when I heard a loud, echoing “thump”. I quickly realized that it was Andre’s tail bumping against the empty Toter trash can by the back porch. I laughed as I was reminded of his initial reaction to that same trash can 3 years ago – dashing past it and then spinning around as if he expected it to be following him, ready to gobble him up. It took weeks of work before he would walk calmly past the can at home and even longer before he would walk calmly past the trash cans at the park. Today as he stood there, smiling and loudly thumping his tail against the no-longer-scary trash can, I told him what a wonderful boy he is and how very proud I am of how far he’s come.

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