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Got Dog Problems?

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Does your dog ignore you?

Do you avoid walking your dog for fear of being dragged along?

Does your dog jump on guests in your home? 

Or does your dog bark at other dogs or people on your walks?

Do you wish you could get your dog to listen ALL the time?

 We can help!


Imagine your dog…

  • Coming when you call
  • Staying on her bed while your family eats meals
  • Staying by your side on leisurely walks through the neighborhood
  • Politely greeting friendly strangers at the park and visitors to your home

Impossible? Not at all!

 Whether you have a puppy or older dog, a newly adopted pet or a loyal companion…any dog can learn new tricks and we can teach you how!

“Helping Hounds is the only training facility that I have found who only uses kindness and rewards during training.  I am so happy to see my dog responding to rewards instead of being taught with fear and intimidation!”

Dr. Marcy Hammerle, Owner of The Pet Doctor