In-Home Services

“My company produces large expos for pet lovers across the country. I’ve met thousands of dog trainers, from Anchorage to Miami and Boston to San Francisco. I can easily say that Erin is one of the very best and she quite literally changed our lives. My boxer baby is now a happy, healthy, confident canine who no longer lives in constant fear of strangers and we owe it all to Helping Hounds.”

– Sheila Rilenge, President of Amazing Pet Expos, St. Louis, MO

Now Serving *Franklin County*

and St. Charles and St. Louis Counties (west of I-270 and south of I-70)

*Additional travel fees may apply to appointments held outside our service area*

Taking Steps Toward Well-Trained Dogs

The First Step: Consultation

Your Investment: $99 (Obedience Training and Common Behavior Problems such as chewing, barking, or house training) and approximately 90 minutes *Upon moving forward with a training program your $99 consultation fee will be applied to your chosen program

$199 (More serious Behavioral Issues such as anxiety and/or dog-aggression) and approximately two hours *Upon moving forward with a training program for behavior issues, $100 of the consultation fee will be applied to your chosen program

Our Promise:

♦ Our experienced, certified trainer, Erin Wigginton, CPDT-KA, will meet with you in your home for your convenience

♦ In a consultation Erin will evaluate your dog’s behavior as well as your training goals and concerns

♦ A custom training program will be recommended in order to meet your dog’s needs and your goals

The Second Step: Your Personalized Training Program

Your Investment:

Obedience Training Programs: *Total cost may vary if program is customized* 

Complete obedience program (Five 60-minute sessions): $450

Behavior Problem Programs: $60-$120 per session depending on duration

Total investments vary according to your dog’s needs and your training goals

Our Promise: 

♦ Our professional, certified trainer, Erin Wigginton, CPDT-KA, will work one-on-one with you in order to accomplish your training goals

♦ Appointments may be scheduled according to your convenience, including on evenings or Saturdays

♦ Following each session you will  receive reference materials on each new skill

♦ Email and phone support are offered continually throughout your training program

♦ Your dog will become more obedient

♦ If your dog suffers significant behavioral issues, you will learn how to resolve those issues safely and teach your dog to behave calmly and appropriately

♦ You will grow to understand your dog and how s/he learns

*When programs are paid for in half or in full at the time of consultation.


Need More Convenience and Flexibility?

Letting Us Take The Leash Is The Answer To Great Results and Maximum Convenience!

Find all the details on our exclusive training programs by clicking here and let us help your dog become your Dream Dog!

 Special Challenges

Helping Hounds Training welcomes dogs with significant behavioral issues. Whether your dog is painfully shy or fearful or your dog is acting aggressively towards other dogs, we are here to help! These cases will be evaluated and a Custom Training Program recommended in special consideration of your dog’s needs and the safety of others. If we are unable to help you with your dog for some reason we will be happy to provide you with a referral to another qualified professional in your area!

If your dog is acting aggressively toward people we will be happy to talk with you about the appropriate next step to take. We work closely with veterinary behaviorist, Dr. Colleen Koch at Mizzou Animal Behavior Clinic. Dr. Koch sees all species and helps owners deal with any behavioral problem. For cases of extreme fear or aggression we work with Dr. Koch as a support team for the owner and their dog. Our goal is your success and our priority is your dog’s well-being. 

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